Wider Picture with Details

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Too much to capture in one shot? Here's the rescue!

Someone once said "Creativity is only limited by your imagination". With bigger area for collaborative discussion, the more creative can the team be. Wallspace Camera is designed to capture discussion on such big area and hence teams can keep record or share it further. Other cameras either require taking the shot from a distance, with details blurred. We make this possible by merging multiple images using advanced computer vision technologies.

Tasks Board

We love physical task boards. They big, visible and engaging. Even if you have remote stakeholders, with our application, capturing information on the board has never been so easy!

Graphical Recording

Graphic Records are stunning, translating conversations into images and text on very large sheets of paper or board during meetings and events. It is also common along with graphic facilitation techniques that stimulate both side of our brains. Wallspace camera helps you share all these beautiful records.

Design Workshop

We strive for shared understanding during a design workshop. To remind of people what have been discussed, it comes best with a good clear picture of the drawings and notes!